A man who lovingly describes the face of his late wife to a sketch artist is making YouTube’s heart go wild.

In the video, the man tells the sketch artist that he’d lost his wife of 62 years, and when asked to describe her features, he said she had an “angelic face” with “sparkling” eyes that looked at you with “great love and affection.”

The video was uploaded in late October, but it began trending on Reddit this week, picking up nearly 20,000 views in a day. And for good reason. The entirety of the video is completely wholesome.

Asked by the artist about the secret to a long and happy marriage, he said simply, “Make her your friend. And never lie to her.”

Even a trait that might seem irritating is lovingly described when he tells how she used to occasionally get the makeup from her face onto his phone. More than anything, though, he said he missed his wife’s embrace.

Some commenters opined that the artist probably had another source from which she could draw to make the late wife look so realistic, but in the end, that’s not really the point of the video. It’s all about his description of—and how he felt about—her.

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